SEMMES, Ala. (WALA) -- The Mobile County Sheriff's Office released intense video of a Mobile County homeowner firing a shot at a suspected burglar. They're hoping to identify the suspects.

It happened last Friday at home in Semmes off Jamaica Road. The family was already on high alert after their truck was broken into the week before. It prompted them to install surveillance cameras on the outside of their home.

The homeowner tells us last Friday she was asleep on the couch around 12:45 p.m. when she believes the same suspects returned.

"They drove up. The dogs started going crazy... I hear banging on the door and I hopped up. It sounded like they were trying to kick the door in. I hollered at them, told them if they come in I was going to shoot them," said homeowner.

That's all the suspect at the door needed to hear. He couldn't get away fast enough running to the car, which was locked. He finally gets into the passenger seat and the driver speeds off -- as the homeowner comes out of the house and fires one shot.

"You always say yeah I have it just in case -- but how often does just in case happen you know. For us -- I never in a million years until last week though that is what I'd be doing -- sitting here like it's him or me," explained the homeowner. "It really was a warning shot. I wasn't trying to hit them. The adrenaline and fear took over and I fired the gun."

Still shaken from the whole ordeal -- she can only imagine what the suspect was thinking.

"We've been joking -- he probably had to change his drawers after that. They weren't expecting somebody and that's obvious they weren't thinking anybody was home," said homeowner.

While she doubts they'll return, she'll keep the surveillance cameras rolling and gun loaded.

"I don't know what they were thinking. I hope they know better than to come back. I just don't want them to come back," said homeowner.

If you recognize the suspects or vehicle (a Kia Soul) -- the Mobile County Sheriff's Office wants to hear from you: 251-574-8633.

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