CHICKASAW, Ala. (WALA)-- 39-year-old Bruce Peek is charged with domestic violence 3rd, firing a gun within city limits and resisting arrest following a standoff with police Saturday afternoon.

Lisa Teggart and Laurye Brunson were doing yard work when they heard arguing coming from a house on 5th Street a block over.

"We heard yelling and screaming and shouting."

Unusual for their quiet safe neighborhood in Chickasaw, they called police concerned. 

Chickasaw's police chief says as officers were arriving the suspect, Bruce Peek, fired shots into the air barricading himself inside the home.

"We were here outside on the sidewalk when that happened and we saw him step out and shoot two bullets in the air and then locked himself inside," said Lisa Teggart.

Police say the standoff lasted over three and a half hours before Chickasaw swat got into the house and took Peek into custody. 

"Nobody was injured. None of the officers were injured either. Everything went very well. SWAT team went in, did a great job," said Chickasaw Police Chief Brian Fillingim. 

The women say during the standoff a group of neighbors gathered to pray with Peek's family.

His wife telling them he's never snapped like this before.

"The wife said that he had a mental break, that this is not his average behavior, he's never acted like this before."

The two commend officers for arriving so quickly and handling the situation so peacefully.

"They wanted to resolve this safely and thank God they did."

The neighbors say Peek's wife had told them he had been acting strange all morning which escalated into everything that followed.

Peek is being held in their local jail through Saraland PD.


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