U.S. Senator Doug Jones spoke in Mobile Thursday on a subject that has been making national news recently:  the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump.

Jones attended the Mobile Area Chamber of Commerce's Forum Alabama lunch.

He covered a number of topics, including one that goes to the heart of the U.S. Constitution.

Sen. Doug Jones

Jones said, "Obviously, impeachment.  I know you all have heard a little bit about that the last couple of weeks."

Jones spent several minutes talking about questions he's received regarding impeachment.

He said, "The answer to those questions begin and end with my oath of office."

Jones said his oath is to defend and protect the Constitution.

In a private interview, I asked him where he stands on impeachment.

Jones said,  "I think we're a long way from making that final determination.  Now, look this is very troubling.  This is not a political issue.  People really need to look at everything that's going on, and what's been said, and what the President has admitted to.  These are serious allegations involving national security, abuse of power.  I think we need to let this play out."  

Jones also said a lot of facts need to come out.

He also responded to criticism from the Alabama Republican Party for not taking a stand.

He said, "I don't answer to the chairman of the Republican Party and I think, if you look now, you'll see I don't really answer to the Chairman of the Democratic Party, either.   I answer to my oath that I took as a United States Senator and that's what I'm going to follow."

During his speech at the luncheon, Jones said we are nowhere close to having a full picture of what happened, and cautioned everyone to resist a rush to judgment.

Jones said, "We're not there, we're not there.  It's crucial that Congress's constitutional oversight process is allowed to play out without any obstruction so we can get to the facts and make informed decisions."

Jones also spoke in Bayou La Batre Thursday afternoon about rural health care, and addressed a town hall in Brewton.

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