MOBILE, Ala. (WALA)--17-year-old Deangelo Parnell had nothing to say after being charged with nine counts of attempted murder in connection to the shooting at Ladd-Peebles stadium last night.

"This was a cowardly act by an individual that did not know how to deal with the conflict or the disagreement he was having with somebody else other than recklessly discharging a firearm into a crowded vehicle. That's unacceptable."

Mobile Police Chief Lawrence Battiste says Parnell, a student at LeFlore, turned himself in early this morning.

The chief says he may have done this knowing police were looking at him as a possible suspect.

He says it didn't appear Parnell had an intended target, but they're hoping to find a motive through their investigation.

"We are very confident that we have the person."

Based off the information they have Battiste says they believe Parnell was the only shooter, but they're not ruling out the possibility of more people being involved.

17-year-old Deangelo Parnell mugshot

"And if there are any potential other persons out there that were responsible for this we will do everything we can to make sure we get them into custody as well."

Police have learned there were adults who knew of possible plans before the shooting.

"There were adults that were privy to this type of event potentially occurring in our community."

The chief urges people with information on possible incidents like this to step up and do their part by informing police.

"When young people are injured when they're trying to attend an event that represent their school, or we're celebrating the abilities of young people in our community, we don't need these type of events occurring."

Another big question is how the 17-year-old managed to get a gun in the stadium, something Battiste says he'll be discussing with stadium personnel as early as Monday or Tuesday to see how they move forward with addressing safety concerns surrounding football games around the city.

The chief was not able to speak on a possible criminal history since it would be a juvenile history.

A gun has not yet been recovered.

Parnell's bond hearing will likely be Monday.


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