A race is really like a metaphor for life and Mary Kemp's race has been an incredible journey.

"She's never angry. She's never sad. She just keeps going by obstacle after obstacle,” said Glenn Kemp, Mary’s son.

Go Mary Go!

Always smiling with each step she takes.

"Keep going. Don't ever give up no matter what you handle. If you get angry just turn your head around and smile and before you know it, you're in a good mood,” said Mary Kemp, a local runner.

Despite the trials and tribulations, she continues to move forward in life and on the race track. As she prepares to defend her gold medal

"To me it will be a challenge and at my age I am going to do my best believe me and I will do what I can to make a better person out of me and win a couple of medals,” said Mary.

As for her age, Mary is 96-years-old and still running.

"I felt so wonderful that I had two legs going at that speed,” said Mary.

It was two years ago when Mary won her first gold medal in the 50-meter dash at the National Senior Games.

Now more than 20 gold medals later, it's safe to say Mary has a need for speed.

Her race through life has been motivational.

"It almost brings tears to my eyes just like almost now even talking about it because it's amazing. It's been a long, long journey to get there,” said Glenn.

The best part is it appears she isn’t even near the finish line.

"Oh boy, I feel like I could do the Polish Polka I feel like I’m 21,” said Mary.

Mary is up for the Silversneakers Swanson award and needs your vote. If you would like to vote for her go to the link below:


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