Anthony Singley said he was almost victim to a Medicare scam where a local number that showed up on caller ID as the Alabama Department of Public Health, asked for his saliva!

Singley said he has gotten a number of robo calls and scam calls for money but never for his slobber. He tells FOX 10 news the person on the line had a foreign accent that he could barely understand. He said they asked him if there was a history of cancer in his family. They wanted his slobber to determine if he would get cancer, he said.

"I said 'I've already got cancer!' But I said 'if you gonna tell me I'm going to get more,' I don't wanna know!"

Singley said the person who called him was very aggressive and persistent. He ended up giving them his address, so they could send the kit.

"They more or less told me I got to take it. That's the feeling I got when they were talking to me,. I have to take it," he explained. "I'm stubborn, don't tell me what I got to do."

Singley said he immediately called the Better Business Bureau who confirmed it to be a scam. The BBB said this is an identity theft scam used to defraud medicare.

Singley hopes his story will serve as a warning to others.

"If it helps one individual. If it stops them people over there. I got news for you, I can't jump and I can't click my heels together, but I'll sure try," he said.

BBB's advice in dealing with these scams is:

  • Don't pick up the phone for numbers you do not recognize. Scammers use phone number spoofing to make the call seem as if it's coming from a local number when, in reality, it's coming from call centers overseas.
  • Never give out your Medicare, health plan, social security numbers or banking information to someone you don't know.
  • Know that genetic tests must be ordered by your doctor to be covered by Medicare.

You can call the Mobile BBB at (251) 433-2227

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Toi Thornton is a Reporter. His Bachelor's degree in Broadcast Journalism comes from Dillard University in 2014 and his Master's degree in New Media Journalism from Full Sail University in 2016. He previously worked as the Fox anchor in Lafayette, LA.

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