MOBILE, Ala. (WALA)-- Yolanda Essix believes 41-year-old Kenneth Sims is the intruder seen on her Ring camera trying to get in through her kitchen door around 2:00 Monday morning. 

“I was scared to death cause I didn’t know what he wanted and why he was in my room,” said Essix.

In the video you can hear her yelling at the intruder when he got in through a side door accidentally left unlocked leading him right into her bedroom. 

“He was coming towards me and I asked him ‘Who are you? What do you want?’ and he was telling me who husband he was and I said ‘I don’t know you. Why are you here?”

A terrifying moment odd to say the least.

Essix says Sims didn’t take anything and kept insisting he flip the  light on.

“Talkin bout he wanna turn my light on. What are you turning my light on for? Why you here?”

She says he ran when she threatened to call police.

That’s when she noticed a car in her driveway with another man in it.  

Both guys took off running when they couldn’t get the car to start. 

Essix didn’t call police knowing someone would be back for the car.

Her instinct was right. 

Later that morning Sims returned claiming someone had stolen it.

“As soon as I heard the voice I said ‘That was you in my room.”

Sims denied being the intruder but Essix says it’s the only thing in this bizarre story that makes sense. 

“So how you come back to where they stole you’re car? You was in my room.”

Mobile police say Sims told officers he did not remember going into Essix home because he was intoxicated.

Sims is now in jail but the family is still on edge knowing he lives right around the corner and they say he threatened to do it again when he went back the next morning and got into a fight with another family member.  

Sims has an extremely long wrap sheet stretching all the way back to 1997. 

This time he is charged with burglary and violating his probation.

Essix says this is a lesson for her family and others out there to always make sure your doors are locked.

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