Kentrell Freeman

MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) -- A police chase in Mobile ended with the suspect crashing in the yard of a home on Mott Drive in Toulminville.

The driver has been identified as 20-year-old Kentrell Freeman. 

Officers started chasing the Blue Honda Accord near the corner of Dauphin Street and Broad Street after they witnessed the car back into another vehicle.

Freeman refused to stop and led officers to the area of St. Stephens Road and Mott Drive where the driver hit a tree and bailed from the vehicle.

It was all caught on Facebook live by a witness.

"I thought they were going to a scene... Where someone called... I didn't know it was an active chase...Until we saw them all just jump across all this and all come back here," said Witness.

After bailing out the car, the suspect ran away and a foot pursuit ensued. Mobile Police would catch up with him on Ivis Street after he jumped an 8 foot fence of home -- the homeowner in the front yard gardening.

"I heard him back there... In the backyard. I just went outside with my little broom -- I thought it was somebody I could just brush off with my broom. And by that time police had him -- there was about six car loads of policemen. They caught him back there and they brought him out from here... And they put him in the back of the police car and cuffed him," said homeowner.

Fortunately no innocent bystanders were injured. The only casualty an oak tree the car took out. Mobile's Urban Forestry Division called out to assist.

"They had to have been going quiet fast because a water oak of that size in good condition. It takes quiet a bit of force to break a tree off at the ground from a small car," said Peter Toler, Urban Forester City of Mobile.

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