Fairhope Police are still looking for a man involved in a road rage incident Monday, June 17, 2019 on Greeno Road.

Police said he kicked in the windshield of a car while standing on the hood. That’s when an occupant of that car pulled a gun, ultimately ending the confrontation.

The incident was caught on camera by a witness. Twenty-three-year-old Maurice Mayo pulled the gun, saying he was afraid for his pregnant girlfriend.

Mayo and his girlfriend were on their way to a doctor’s appointment where they were to find out if they were going to have a boy or a girl when all of this happened. He said it all started when his girlfriend, who was driving, complained about another driver in a red car riding her bumper. Mayo said this went on for two or three minutes before they had room to move over.

“When our cars were like parallel, like the person he was with and himself, they were flicking us off and like hanging out the window and screaming…a whole bunch of reckless stuff,” Mayo recalled.

Mayo said the red car then suddenly stopped, forcing his pregnant girlfriend to slam on the brakes. Mayo said it all came to a boil at a stop light when he jumped out of his car and began screaming insults back. That’s when one of the occupants got out of the red car and jumped onto his girlfriend’s hood, kicking in the windshield.

fairhope road rage3 BLUR.png

Maurice Mayo pulls gun after other driver smashes his windshield

Up to this point, Mayo said he’d left his gun in the car, but then became scared for his girlfriend and his unborn child’s safety.

“I noticed that he had mace in his hand and he was kind of like spitting or foaming at the mouth. I kind of like thought he was on some kind of drugs, so when I noticed that, I grabbed my firearm and I began to, you know, create distance between us because I didn’t want to get maced and I didn’t want to be in a situation where I had to hit him or like cause any type of harm to him,” explained Mayo.

Fairhope Police said that Mayo did get out of his car first and that he wasn’t licensed to carry a concealed firearm. Mayo said he misunderstood the law, saying his gun wasn’t loaded at the time and was only reachable from the back seat, while his loaded clip was sealed in a compartment in front of the car.

Mayo considers himself a victim, but said he spent the afternoon at the Fairhope Police Department instead of with his girlfriend.

“I just hope justice gets served. I want my firearm back, but I’m like going to take a different approach to things,” Mayo said. “I’m going to go get my permit first and then I’ll pursue getting another firearm.”

The couple is still shaken up over the incident and thankful things didn’t turnout worse. And by the way…they’re having a girl. If you know who the other man involved is, call Fairhope Police. They’re still looking for him.

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