MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) -- The first Mardi Gras parade of 2019 in Downtown Mobile is Friday night, and your safety is important.

Mobile Police want you to know about some changes they're making so everyone can enjoy the fun.

For instance, police say they will strictly enforce the law about no pets along parade routes. It doesn't matter if they're leashed or not, or what type of animal it is. If you have a pet downtown, you are subject to be fined $25, not including court costs.

Another change involves cars that are towed because of parking violations. Police say 300 vehicles were towed last year during Mardi Gras. There is a new location, at Royal and Madison Streets, for the temporary impound lot. That's just south of the Mobile Cruise Terminal and across from RV City.

Also, the impound lot hours have changed.

"It's open for one and a half hours after the parade to allow people if their vehicles were towed, a chance to get over and retrieve the vehicle," said Officer LaDerrick DuBose. "If by chance they do not make it within the amount of time, they will have to wait until the next business day and then go to 1251 Virginia Street where they can go through the proper procedures of retrieving the vehicle."

MPD says gold and purple signs are up in the downtown area to show drivers exactly where parking is not allowed two hours before, during, and after a parade. Click this link to see where the signs are posted.

Another thing to remember: Don't cross the barricades. Police will be paying close attention to barricade jumpers. The fine for doing that is $298.

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