Waffle House arrests

Mobile County Sheriff's Office deputies are on the scene Friday morning of a Waffle House on U.S. 90 in Theodore Friday morning.

THEODORE, Ala. -- Mobile County Sheriff's Office deputies detained and later arrested three men and a woman Friday morning after shots were fired from a vehicle near Carol Plantation and Theodore Dawes Road.

"A female pulled into the bank and said 'those guys are shooting at me!'," Corporal Michael Golson with MSCO said.

Golson said a lieutenant was close by in an unmarked car and heard the shots, too.

"Two more vehicles pulled in behind her and said that there was a guy shooting at all kind of cars down the road," Golson said.

Golson said the lieutenant saw a man in a silver car hanging out of his window with a handgun turning east on Highway 90. The car eventually turned in, casually, to a Waffle House near Kooiman Road.

"The suspect didn't know he was in an unmarked vehicle and did not observe him behind him at the time so he was able to tactfully follow behind them while utilizing his radio and get other units to take them into custody," Golson said.

Multiple sheriff units were on scene as four people were taken into custody as items were collected by investigators who were putting a big focus on a silver Chevrolet. Golson says investigators pulled a gun, large knife and cell phone from the car as evidence. Meantime, they're still trying to figure out if the shooter knew who he was firing at and why. Either way, Golson says his actions are inexcusable.

"There is really no justification for acting like that regardless if the person was having a dispute with someone," Golson said sternly. "Putting other citizen's lives in danger isn't right. We're just thankful that one of our lieutenants was there to take care of the situation as safely as he could."

Waffle House arrests

Deputies are on scene in a Waffle House parking lot along U.S. 90 in Theodore.

No injuries were reported. The only damage reported so far is a busted window in the car of the woman who turned into the bank.

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