MOBILE, Ala.(WALA)--Hurricane Barry makes for a good reminder of the tropical threats we face living on the Gulf Coast and when it comes to our homes, and even the trees surrounding them, there are things you can do now to be prepared for the next threat.

Trees have been the talk of midtown.

"There's been a couple of neighbors with bigger oak trees in their yard that have had some incidents where the branches have fallen on their roofs."

20 trees once grounded in-between these two midtown mobile homes taken down.

"In fear of those trees falling onto the houses, specifically our children's bedrooms motivated us to cut these trees down.”

Neighbors say it's a double-edged sword, respecting the integrity of the "tree city" and, on the other hand, safety.

Professionals say we should never underestimate a tree's power, no matter the season.

"A tree could fail at any time for any reason."

If you're concerned about a tree along the sidewalk in front of your home or on city property in your neighborhood, that's something the city's urban forestry division could check out. 

"We always as a city wanna get a tree down to the lowest risk possible." 

Peter toler says dead limbs and over extended branches are major factors when it comes to assessing tree risk.

“We see if it's gonna strike a building, people, pedestrians, cars, any fixed piece of property that's there."

As for those trees in your backyard, Toler recommends contacting a tree care company with an ISA certified arborist and ISA tree risk assessment qualification. 

"Get rid of your mulch volcano and if you're wondering what that is… google it and you will see exactly what i'm talking about."

A "mulch volcano" is all the leaves and everything else raked up in the yard that many people push around their trees.

He says this creates a lot of moisture around the base of the tree, increasing the risk of it falling.

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