The Catholic Archdiocese of Mobile on Thursday released a list of priests, deacons and others who, in the eyes of the church, were credibly accused of sexual misconduct since 1950.

Mobile Archbishop Thomas Rodi, explaining the voluntary release told FOX10 News anchor Bob Grip, "I've just sensed and I've heard from the people of the Archdiocese that they want to know the facts."

As he had promised, Archbishop Thomas Rodi released a list of 10 priests and 17 others who had been accused of misconduct.

Out of the 10 priests, six have died, and some of them are buried in the priest's section of the Catholic Cemetery in Mobile.

One of those on the list and in the cemetery is the late Father Alex Sherlock. In 2003, Archbishop Rodi's predecessor, Archbishop Oscar Lipscomb talked about the charges against Sherlock who had been accused of more than one case of sex abuse, making him a pedophile or ephebophile.

At the time, Archbishop Lipscomb said, “I only knew of one instance. I only knew of one instance and that was questioned by the health professionals, who to this day say he was not a pedophile.”

When asked why Father Sherlock hadn’t been reported to the police, Archbishop Lipscomb replied, “Well at that time, it came to me in a way that it was between a priest and a bishop that there wasn't a serious obligation to report. It was a very old case.”

“In the past there were different ways of handling that. I can only address what's been in place since 2003,” said Archbishop Rodi.

Archbishop Rodi told me that assistance, including counseling, would be available to anyone who has been a victim of clergy sex abuse in the Archdiocese of Mobile by calling 251-434-1559.

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