The Mobile County Treasurer talking to FOX10 News Tuesday about controversial comments posted on a Facebook page.

The post has since been deleted, but Phil Benson spoke about the controversy.

The comment was reportedly posted on the Mobile County Republican Party Facebook page.

Mobile County Tresurer Phil Benson

Mobile County Tresurer Phil Benson

The post was in connection with a "National Review" article earlier this month about a cake shop owner in Colorado sued after refusing to bake a gender transition cake.

One post from the Mobile County Republican Party says a comment has been removed by the administrator.

I asked Benson about whether the comment reportedly posted by him was accurate.

FOX10 News: "Is the post correct about the "freaking queers have gotten too much sympathy"?

BENSON: "I assume that it is. It's been deleted and I don't remember doing it, but I assume that it is okay."

FOX10 News asked Benson what he were referring to in his post.

Benson said, "You remember the case where the poor baker who refused to bake a cake for this homosexual wedding, homosexualism, and he was fined $135,000, and that's what I was referring to: government overreach into private business to that degree.  That's asinine.  Now, two words, "freaking queer" caused more of a stir than that poor guy getting fined $135,000 for not wanting to bake a cake. To me, that's far worse than verbiage that I used in the 60's when I was growing up: 50's and 60's, common verbiage."

FOX10 News: "Do you regret using those terms?"

BENSON: "No, I don't regret it at all. Why should I?"

FOX10 News: "Many people would think it was....

BENSON: "Not politically correct? Not politically correct. I'm a little tired of that, too."

When asked if he was surprised by the reaction, Benson said, "No, not at all. I'm not surprised. I've got several positive comments. We agree with you, okay? Now I've gotten a couple of threats, you know. Some people just really had nothing better to do, you know, than to worry about that."

When asked how he responds to people who say this is an offensive comment, Benson said, "I'm sorry it's offensive. I'm sorry it offends you. Many things offend me every day. Government overreach from all the little minority groups offends me every day, okay?"

A second post by the Mobile County Republican Party Facebook page said: "We wish to be absolutely clear the comments made by a Mobile County elected official are his own and they do NOT in anyway reflect the policies or beliefs of the Mobile County Republican Party nor any of it’s other members, therefore, we do not wish for his comments to be published further on our Facebook page. He can express his comments in any way he wishes on his own page."

UPDATE: On Thursday, Mobile County Commissioner Connie Hudson issued the following statement on the matter: "As the District 2 Representative on the Mobile County Commission, my office does not, in any way, condone or approve of the derogatory and divisive rhetoric recently posted on social media by Mobile County Treasurer Phil Benson. Mr. Benson is a public official elected at-large by the citizens of Mobile County, and is not, by law, subject to the authority or supervision of the Mobile County Commission. The intolerant sentiments that he expressed strictly reflect his own personal opinions and do not reflect the attitude or opinion of my office or of the majority of Mobile County citizens."

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