Mobile Police say a man in the midtown area was the victim of theft after he let a person who appeared to be a water service worker inside his home.

The man wasn't hurt.

Mobile Police say it happened on Tuesday night on Jasmine Street.

They got a call about a man posing as a utility worker for MAWSS.

They say he went to the victim's house and told him he was there to check the water pressure, and the victim let him in.

Police say the victim noticed he had several items missing from his house once the man left.

Tony Palughi is the victim's nephew.

When asked how he felt about someone doing this, Palughi said, "Its upsetting. It's disturbing."

When asked if his uncle was traumatized by the incident, Palughi said, "No. He wasn't manhandled or anything. The guy just came in and snatched some stuff, snatched some big banking, billing statements, and, of course, we got his accounts transferred over from his bank. And, then, he snatched some singles and some two dollar bills and he snatched some expired medication. He was in there probably less than two or three minutes."

Other people who live in the area were upset to hear about the crime.

Willie Haynes said, "It's bad. It's Christmas time. People doing stuff like that, it's bad."

MAWSS officials say their workers rarely come inside to do work, and all should have a valid ID, so, before you open the door, call MAWSS to confirm.

And the victim's nephew says there could have been other victims, too.

He says he knows of two other incidents where one neighbor didn't let the man in and another ran him off the property.

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