As we move toward the end of 2019, Mobile Police release new figures on the number of homicides in the city.

This as a Mobile man asks for your help trying to find out who killed his younger brother

Mobile Police say, year to date, there have been 32 homicides.

Carlos Dallas

They say in a few weeks, they will release information on unsolved homicides for 2019.

A Mobile man is asking for your help to solve one:  the death of his younger brother just seven weeks ago.

Friends remember him for his great spirit and big heart.

They say Dallas would sing to an employee at the Quik Pick on St. Stephens Road, a store he loved to visit.

Police say Dallas was found shot the afternoon of September 28th near Laurel Drive and St. Stephens Road.

He died at a hospital.

Dallas was 32 years old.

Days after the shooting his sister, Shauna Dallas, said, "I don't know the circumstances, but he was standing somewhere and a bullet was meant for someone else."

The murder of Carlos Dallas remains unsolved.

Ashley Dees says, "It's just hard to wake up not knowing you'll never see him again."

Dees is Dallas' older brother.

He says, "I know what you all say about don't tell and let the streets tell it or whatever, but, I mean, we miss Carlos and everybody is still asking about him, and we want closure.  If anybody know anything, can you all please help us to find closure for my little brother cause we miss him dearly.  We miss him so much."

Days after he died, a candlelight vigil was held for Dallas at the Quik Pick store.

Dees said, "There hasn't been a day that went by that I hadn't cried about his loss.  I was so hurt that I couldn't even really make it to his funeral because I just wanted to remember him while he was alive.  And that's the way I'm going to keep it."

And with the holidays coming up, Dees know the days ahead will be especially difficult.

Dees said, "It's really hard to see my family going through this when I know somebody out there knows something.  I just pray to God that somebody just speak up and say something, man.  Please."

If you know anything or have any clues, call Mobile Police or Crimestoppers.

You can be anonymous.

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