MOBILE, Ala. (WALA)-- "I said 'Momma I know you knew I was coming for you.' Then she opened her eyes and looked up to me and it was so painful because her eyes were so swollen.’"

It wasn't until the morning of October 30th when Latreace Handy Stephens realized something was wrong with her mother who had been traveling back to Mobile after a visit with friends in Washington.

"When I woke up and I looked at my phone I had a message on the phone saying 'help help!'"

She got the call from her mother's friend who told her the 61-year-old woman had been in an accident.

Stephens called all the hospitals she could until she found her mother at a medical center in Pocatello, Idaho.

"And they told me she had been life-flighted there so I was so scared because they really weren't saying anything and I was like wait is she alive and  they said 'Yes. We're operating on her spine.'”

Stephens got on the next flight that same day.

"When I got there the nurse told me to wait outside. She said 'Wait outside I gotta talk to you.' And I was praying and calling my momma the whole time and I was telling her I'm coming."

The nurse told Stephens her mother was in a medically induced coma.

"Lost her arm and she probably won't be able to see her eye sockets busted, her lungs are punctured, her kidney's punctured, her leg is damaged, her hips dislocated it's just like…"

Eleanor Richardson was ejected from her passenger seat and hit by a truck that kept going on the highway.

Richardson's family is pleading for help to get her back home.

After 100 days in Pocatello they're told she will be moved to either Boise or Utah.

"We don't even got no say so, you know? We got to get her back here we got to lord knows we do and I know one thing... I don't care what nobody else say when God say he gone do it he gone do it. And I'm claiming God will find a way for my sister to get back here. Amen. I know he is," said Cleveland Richardson, Eleanor’s brother.

Latreace Handy Stephens is working to get emergency guardianship over her mother so she can get her access to medicare and hopefully move her to Mobile Infirmary.

She says a lot of people may remember her mother as "Minister Handy" or 'Sister Handy' from churches all over Mobile.

A GoFundMe has been set up for anyone who might be able to donate no matter how big or small to get her home.


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