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MONTGOMERY, Ala. --Attorney General Steve Marshall has received an award from the nation’s oldest consumer protection organization for the Alabama Attorney General’s Office’s recent historic $60 million consumer settlement against Terminix.

During the press conference, Attorney General Marshall also announced that the claims deadline in the settlement for former Terminix customers who experienced dramatic price increases has been extended by 45 days.

“The 16,000 former Terminix customers in Alabama who dropped their coverage due to exorbitant price increases are all eligible to file claims for payments of at least $650 each, or they can have their lifetime contracts reinstated,” said Attorney General Marshall. “However, as of today, only 6,540 former customers have actually filed a claim. That means nearly 9,500 former Alabama Terminix customers are leaving $650 on the table.

“Previously, former Terminix customers who experienced these unjust price increases were only allowed to file a claim by June 1, 2021. However, that deadline has now been extended to July 15, 2021. I urge all former Terminix customers in Alabama to take advantage of this opportunity to file a claim by visiting www.terminixfund.com as soon as possible.”

On November 5, 2020, Attorney General Marshall and Mobile County District Attorney Ashley Rich first announced the state’s $60 million settlement with Terminix.

While many of the victims of Terminix’s alleged illegal business practices reside in Mobile and Baldwin counties, the state-negotiated settlement affects Terminix customers statewide.

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