MOBILE, Ala (WALA) -- If you see red when you go through a stoplight in Mobile, you may soon have to pay some green. The City of Mobile is looking to take your picture if you are running red lights.

“I'd probably be one of the ones to slam on the breaks, trying to not get a ticket,” said Kendall Kenan.

“They need it because there are too many people running red lights, especially on Airport Blvd,” said Shelley Freeman.

Mobile Police are looking to add the eyes in the sky for safety reasons. Some drivers aren't so sure.

“This country never had red-light cameras for years and years and years,” said Chuck Bradley. “Is it going to stop accidents? No. Is it going to stop people from dying? No. Is it going to stop serious injury? No.”

If the Mobile City Council decides to add them, following the lead of the City of Montgomery, Public Safety Director James Barber hopes it is a deterrent.

“It has gotten to be frequent, just a matter of routine every time that light turns red there are two or three cars that go through,” he said.

Red light cameras are controversial, some cities that had them have pulled the plug. Drivers like Bradley say it is an accident waiting to happen.

“You have to make a split-second decision, so if you automatically know that there’s a red-light camera that's there that's automatically going to catch you, you could cause a lot of accidents that way,” he said.

Other drivers say the benefits out way some of the cons.

“My best friend’s mom was killed by someone that hit and run, someone running a red light,” said Ashley Simmons. “So, I think having something like that can track someone down.”

A bill filed this month in the state legislature would actually ban red light cameras in the State of Alabama if it is passed.

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