MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) -- The man accused of shooting a gas station clerk will be spending a lot of time behind bars -- but not for that crime. Reginald Blevins, 34, being sent back to prison to serve the remainder of a plea deal he took for a murder conviction.

A judge fully revoking his probation sending Blevins back to serve 17 years to finish out the sentence for the murder of Joey O'Brien.

O'Brien was found fatally shot in October 2013 near the post office on Springhill Avenue. The shooting was random and went unsolved for several years. Police had no leads until a new tip surfaced years later. Blevins eventually took the plea deal in 2016 -- serving three years before being released in November.

O'Brien's sister Kelly Poole was in court Wednesday when Blevins learned his fate.

"He's finally going to have to serve for what he did to Joey," said Poole.

It all comes after Blevins was arrested last month for allegedly shooting a store clerk at the CEFCO gas station on Springhill Avenue after police say he was confronted for shoplifting.

At the time of the shooting, Blevins had only been out of prison for two months and was facing charges for a drug arrest in December.

Poole says Blevins was smiling when he came into court.

"You think wow -- you have your life and you have a chance. You literally had a chance to come out here and do something different. You know Joey -- didn't stand a chance. Joey was gunned down in the street -- shot in the back, never saw it coming. And he had a chance to come out of jail, rehabilitate, do something different and make different choices -- and so many people have been hurt," said Poole.

While proposed legislation aims to deny bond for violent offenders, Poole believes there's a lot of work to be done.

"I fully believe the detectives and Mobile County District Attorney's Office did a great job. However, there's a disconnect. I know it's is so frustrating for our police officers and for the D.A.'s Office when they get these sentences and sent to the Department of Corrections and then sentences are reduced. At some point we have to say our community is important enough to us to keep everyone safe and that violent offenders should not have repeated chances to come out on the street and commit these crimes," said Poole.

Blevins is due back in court March 3rd for his preliminary hearing for charges he faces in the gas station clerk shooting. The District Attorney's Office is seeking life without the possibility of parole.

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