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Sheree Dees - Dauphin Island - Hurricane Sally

DAUPHIN ISLAND, Ala. (WALA) -- Dauphin Island took a beating from Hurricane Sally as the slow-moving storm battered the small strip of land for nearly 12 hours. 

According to Mayor Jeff Collier, it looks like the brunt of the damage is on the East End, but the West End was also lashed.

"We've got substantial damage from one end of the island to the other," said Collier.

The mayor was able to share some good news. He said no injuries were reported on Dauphin Island.

Most of the damage was caused by trees falling. Collier said they haven't even been able to count how many trees were snapped or uprooted.

"The thing I'll remember about Sally is the longevity," Collier said. "We had so much rain and so much saturation, with the winds blowing hurricane strength for twelve hours the trees just gave away.

Many homes on Dauphin Island had roof and siding damage, with one house collapsing during the storm. Collier said around 2 a.m. Wednesday, crews had to rescue the people who tried to ride out the hurricane from the house.

Dozens of power poles were also toppled. The mayor said there is no estimation as to when power will be back on for island residents.

The town will first focus on clearing toppled trees, and then work to remove the sand off of roads so power crews can get to work.

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