Highway 98

MOBILE COUNTY, Ala. (WALA)- Burn marks and broken glass mark the scene of another fatal accident on Highway 98.

Four people were killed early Saturday morning near the Big Creek Lake bridge. This weekend’s accident raised more concerns for people who live near one of the busiest highways in the area.

“I grew up knowing this stretch of highway as bloody 98," said Glenda Ayer. "I mean because it’s accident after accident and it’s terrible.”

Glenda Ayer lives close to the scene of Saturday’s accident and says it’s a common problem.

“The accidents, they’re just one behind another," said Ayer. "It’s just terrible out here. They need to do something with this highway immediately."

The highway is a common route for people going to and from Mississippi which normally leads to heavy traffic in the area.

“It’s a common thing to hear four or five ambulances a day,” said David Trippe.

David Trippe lives on Highway 98 and is the pastor of Grace Assembly of God. He says the heavy traffic has caused problems for churchgoers

“We always tell our parishioners and visitors do not pull straight out of the parking lot onto Moffett because of the turn lane being used as a passing lane by some," said Trippe. "But to go down the little road here and go out to the light.”

People say the traffic has been a problem for years. And it’s a problem that many feel has been ignored while accidents continue to happen.

They hope something is done soon before anyone else loses their life.

“They need to either widen it or make another highway one of the two,” said Ayer.

“You start to wonder how many lives must be lost before something’s done," said Trippe.

Investigators have not released the names of the four people killed in the wreck. 


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