Demonstrators march, hold vigil for George Floyd in Downtown Mobile

MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) -- Demonstrators protesting the killing of George Floyd marched in Downtown Mobile on Sunday.

The march started at 3 p.m. at Mardi Gras Park and the group made a loop around several blocks before returning to the park. Back there, several speakers delivered comments to the crowd before much of the group made their way to Cathedral Square.

After a few moments in the park, part of the group broke away and marched east to Water Street. The group attempted to get on the ramp to I-10 until MPD officers blocked the road and prevented them from making it on the highway. Some of the marchers then sat down on the ramp.

Mobile Police Officers warned the group that gas would be used to get them off of the road. An organizer of the march then encouraged the group to leave the ramp.

Much of the group left the ramp, but a small number of people remained and MPD fired gas canisters. The group moved back and one man told officers they were determined to make it to I-10.

Mobile Public Safety Director James Barber arrived on the ramp and started talking with several of the protesters. He asked them to return to Mardi Gras Park to continue the dialogue. Barber then exchanged phone numbers with some of the protesters and said he wanted to hear their concerns, but he was not going to let them get on I-10.

Most of the protesters left the ramp, but there were about a dozen or so people who remained. Some of the march organizers then pleaded with the small group to join the rest of them in the park. Protesters left the ramp without further incident about an hour after they arrived.

Once in Mardi Gras Park, protesters were met by Mobile Police Chief Battiste and Mayor Stimpson who answered more questions from the group.


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I feel for the police chief. It seems the people he talked to were looking for an certain answer and they didn't get it. The police chief is Black and I'm sure he is not unjustly targeting his own people. Can't use the race issue there. If people of all colors will stop associating with criminals, don't commit crimes, respect the police, and never resist arrest then you will have a much better outcome. People act is if all those individuals are in jail just because of their skin color. I'm willing to bet that they committed a crime! Look at the crime statistics in Mobile. The one black man said this is a black and white issue but almost every death in Pritchard or down town Mobile is black on black. I really don't get it. Stop blaming everyone else, especially your police chief and start in your community. Stop pointing the finger and take responsibility for your own actions. George Floyd's death is horrendous and there are even more horrendous things that happen in our world every day. Black abortions' and Black on Black crime outweighs and police brutality numbers by a landslide. Can we get a conversation started on those topics as well? Can we protest those injustices as well?

A Concerned Individual

It's not going to be so easy Brad. The sheer number of cases to filter through, lawsuits to dig up, and history books to throw at your head will likely never be sufficient to argue plausibly either side of the issue. As long as two people exist in this universe, on will want to get rid of or dominate the other. It s human nature.

Likewise, the fact of the matter is that ANYONE can secretly be a Jackass or Sadist, and no amount of Background screening can really help vet that out. Good peoplen might join the police force, be an excellent officer for years and years, and still freak out when they hear a gunshot. Human survival instinct outweighs all else.

As for your Pritchard statistic, you've got me there. A city that can't fund their own Police department can hardly keep up with anything, much less violent crime... So, touchée. I will say that even as an Asian man I wouldn't walk through any part of that hellscape.

Although I disagree with your overall message, I applaud you for seeing things from a more sympathetic view thatn some other more... colorful people...

ALSO, who can, in good conscience, tweet "GAS THEM NI***RS"?! Seriously?! I was raised by a Confederate Flag waving, Redneck-as-f, 6th grade dropout, but my Grandfather still said how his heart went out to "them folks whos cant help themselves". Disgraceful, Alabama.


My overall message is take responsibility for your own actions and that goes to every race on earth. Also my message is that there are way bigger problems facing the black community other than the white man. Abortion and black on black crime swallow up the issue of the cops killing black people also .Its not always about race. It’s about personal choices, good or bad choices change your whole direction in life. Everyone in the US can go to college if they want, work if they want, and be successful. There are way more black millionaires in the US than whites plus affirmative action has preference of minorities over other people simply due to race. In the workplace even if a person is more qualified, he or she may not get the job if the racial diversity numbers are off. Actually Asian Americans are the richest ethnic group in the US now days so should we say they are privileged for being successful and working hard? I think not. There are many examples of Black successful people in the US. Barack Obama for one.I thought for sure we could proclaim that racism is over at large when a black man could now be a president of the US! Awesome! The victim mentality will never allow a person to be successful. I would never refer to a black persons as the n word. However I don’t care what color you skin is when you are looting and stealing in the name of “ non violent protest”. I’d Tear gas em all. White, black, red, yellow. It’s about actions toward your fellow man not about race.

To not be a racist you must take race out of the equation.

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