A resurfacing project is underway on Airport Boulevard, and a lot of drivers are saying it's long overdue.

Airport Boulevard resurfacing work begins Sunday night

The three month project looks to improve the roadway conditions on the highly traveled, and congested, road.

The roadwork will be happening overnight from Azalea Road/ McGregor Avenue, westward to the city limits.

Mobile driver Shantel Welch says her commute on Airport isn't the smoothest. 

"Its rough. It's rough in some areas, some areas a little bit better than others," Welch said. "But it is rough in some areas on Airport. They may need to invest some tax dollars into it."

The city is putting those tax dollars to work. 

The project which started Sunday is already showing signs of progress, one lane at a time.

Mobile resident Jeremy Hinken just moved to Mobile about six months ago, but it didn't take him long to feel the problems on Airport.

Hinken doesn't want any long term issues with his vehicle.

"Its a little, I mean it's a little rough. There's some pretty big potholes along there," Hinken said. "I just put new tires on my car and I don't want to bop them on a big pothole."

Drivers agreed the improvements are overdue.

"It's been this way so I wouldn't even think that they had even considered it," Welch said. "That's something that the people around here should have already figured out a long time ago on their own."

Most of the roadwork will be happening overnight between the hours of 8 p.m. and 6 a.m. closing down one lane at a time until the resurfacing is completed.

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