MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) -- For the first time, we are hearing a spine-chilling recollection from a man who says he saw a deadly shootout at the Walmart Neighborhood Market on Government Boulevard in Mobile transpire. 

“It was a horrible situation there was nothing interesting or exciting about it. It was only a sickening situation and I hope that I never witness anything like that again.”

Seantatis Kirksey, 44, and Jaquess Thompson, 21, were shooting each other inside this neighborhood Walmart on Wednesday night. 

The eyewitness, who didn’t want to be identified, told Fox10 he was in the self checkout line, paying as Kirksey rolled his wheelchair behind him.

“He would put his groceries on the conveyor belt and at that time I wasn’t thinking that there was anything unusual whatsoever,” he said.

His account differs from what a cashier told Thompson's family.

He says Thompson approached Kirksey and they started talking.

“I got the gist that Mr. Kirksey in the wheelchair was telling Mr. Thompson to leave him alone.”

At first he couldn’t hear what the two men were talking about.

He said he could tell they were trying to keep their voices down, but didn’t seem angry.

So he never expected what he heard and saw next.

“Mr. Kirksey said I have my gun I'm sitting on it.”

That got his attention.

“I heard Mr. Thompson say ‘You don’t need it. I have my gun too.’”

He says once Thompson said that he saw Kirksey pull his gun out.

“In what seemed like a split second and he fired four shots into Mr. Thompson.”

The witness says he darted for safety and heard Thompson yelling he was hit as he shot back at Kirksey.

“I decided to run up the aisle and as I did Mr. Thompson came around the back of the checkout lanes and he saw me and he said I’m dying.”

He says he saw Thompson fall to the ground near the checkout lane.

“I walked back out there thinking I could help someone and I saw that Mr.Kirksey in the wheelchair was unresponsive and his respirations were agonal, so I knew that he was beyond help.”

The witness says something so sad, now ingrained in his memory is Thompson reaching for his toddler son after he was shot.

He says he prays for both of their families.


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