PRICHARD, Ala. (WALA)-- A call about a car on fire near a popular boat launch at Chickasabogue park on the night of September 29th quickly turned into a murder investigation when a body was found burned inside.

The day after the car was found the mother of two of Jame's Pate's children got the call that it was his.

Instantly his family feared the worst since they had not heard from him all day.

Disbelief set in.

"We knew it was his car, but we didn't want to think it was him," said Ruby Rudolph, his girlfriend.

It wasn't until nearly a month later on October 25th when they say police called confirming Pate's body was the one found burned inside the car. 

The women say he didn't deserve to die the way he did.

"That was cruel and they did not have to burn him up in that car period," said Alexis Whigam, the mother of his eldest kids.

Though police have not named any suspects the women believe whoever is responsible was someone Pate knew.

"It had to be somebody he was comfortable around."

They ask that anyone who might know something speak up for the sake of his family and especially his children.

"They deserve some kind of peace knowing that the person who did this is behind bars."

Prichard police have not released any more details about the case except to say they are investigating Pate's death as a homicide.

The women say to add to the pain they couldn't even have a proper funeral since whoever did this did not leave a body to bury.


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