MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) -- A convicted killer out is back behind bars accused of shooting a store clerk. According to Mobile Police 34-year-old Reginald Blevins is the suspected shoplifter who shot the store clerk at the CEFCO gas station on Springhill Avenue Friday night.

His return to jail comes less than two months after he was released from serving time for the murder conviction of Joey O'Brien.

"When I heard about this, my first thoughts were that poor family. Just to get a phone call like that... For something to happen to somebody you love is just devastating," said Kelly Poole, Joey's sister.

Joey O'Brien was shot and killed at random in October 2013 while riding his bike near the post office on Spring Hill Avenue. Despite having surveillance video, the case was unsolved for three years -- until police arrested Blevins -- who was already in jail for shooting into an occupied vehicle. Blevins would take a plea deal and serve consecutive sentences for both crimes.

"I knew in my heart at that moment that he would get out of jail... And somebody would get hurt. And it's just always been my prayer that he would do something minor -- like have a drug charge or a traffic violation or something and nobody would get hurt," said Poole.

After serving only three years of a 20 year sentence -- Blevins got out of prison in November 2019. He was arrested December 19, 2019 on a drug charge. Court records show the Mobile County District Attorney's Office filed a motion to revoke his bond a day before the gas station shooting.

"My understanding was that if he did another thing he would have to go back to prison and finish out that 20 year sentence that he got when he killed my son," said Mary Jane O'Brien, Joey's Mother.

To this day -- Joey is never far from their thoughts.

"He connected everyone in our family. We talk and think about him all the time. We just tell funny stories. All the things he did or said. We just try to keep his memory alive," said Poole.

"We talk about him, especially to his grandchildren. You know... Show them pictures and talk about him so they will remember. Remember something," said Mary Jane.

Forced to relive the tragedy -- they're finally hoping to see some real justice not just for Joey but other victims of violent crime.

"I really would love to see something happen at the state and local level where violent offenders do not have the opportunity to continue to commit crimes and hurt innocent people and hurt families. It is devastating -- just the ripple effects of a tragedy like this," said Poole.

We're told the victim in the latest case remains hospitalized -- but is expected to be okay. Meanwhile, Joey O'Brien's family plans to be there for Blevins' next court appearance.

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