Whistler, Ala. --Yet another tragic shooting death in our area this holiday season.

Investigators say a father of five is gunned down in the front yard of his mother's home.

It happened Wednesday night in the Whistler area.

Prichard Police say the shooting happened on Vestavia Street, and you may be able to help them find some clues.

Police say the victim is 33 year old Richard Lucy is the father of five children.

A clergyman representing family members spoke for them about the incident and says Lucy has five children, and was killed in the front yard of the home.

Community Chaplain Patrick Munnerlyn said, "There was no return kind of fire or anything that like that.  It was a shooting that the family feels is unjustifiable, unnecessary, and they're heartbroken."

Prichard Police say they were called out to Vestavia Street between 9 and 9:30 Wednesday night for reports of a man with multiple wounds.

The victim was confirmed dead on the scene.

Munnerlyn said of Lucy, "He was a family man: a man that, I understand that, with his father and other family members, would cut the neighbors grass, rake the neighbors yard, do anything in this community up and down Vestavia Street that they could do to help people."

Neighbors didn't talk about what they heard or saw Wednesday night, but one man who didn't want to be identified said he was familiar with Lucy and his family.

He said, "I knew him and the father and everybody, but don't know what really happened."

When asked if it was a quiet neighborhood with no problems, he said, "No problems here.  Quiet neighborhood."

Munnerlyn said, "This morning, we're dealing with a family that is totally devastated in the loss of a young man."

Prichard Police say, right now, there are no suspects, but investigators are looking for any information that could lead to an arrest.

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