Family and friends of the two men who killed each other during the tragic and deadly shooting at Walmart on Government Street Wednesday are still reeling from their sudden deaths.

Jacquees Thompson

Monday, Mobile Public Safety Director said 44-year-old Seantatis Kirksey fired the first shot at 21-year-old Jacquees Thompson. Officials said Thompson then fired back, killing Kirksey.

Director Barber said the shooting was a result of an "ongoing beef." Thompson's aunt, Beverly Thomas said the beef was over something that happened some time ago.

"The situation should've been over then. But apparently some people can't let things go," she said.

Thomas said her nephew was her best friend and the past 5 days have been extremely difficult, almost unbearable.

"He was a nice young man. he was a hard worker. Dedicated father to his son. Godly person," she said.

Monday, FOX 10 news spoke to Thomas and two of Thompson's siblings while they were taking his clothes to a funeral home. Thomas said a cashier told her what happened that night.

"What I've heard is that Jacquees actually went into the store to get something to eat and him and the man ran into each other. Some words were exchanged I don't know what they were," she said. "Jacquees tried to distance himself from the situation. The man in the wheelchair followed him around the store. Jacquees started sprinting through the store asking for help."

Thomas said she heard that Kirksey fired the first shot, as well.

"The guy shot him once and he said, man you shot me, let it be man. Let it be enough this ain't the place man. And he shot him two more times before Jacquees pulled his gun, which he's licensed to carry a gun. That's when the shooting started going back and forth," she explained.

The pain still cuts deep for both families. Thomas said she found solace in knowing Thompson repented to God before he passed away.

"As he was laying on the floor he said the 23 Psalms. He asked God to forgive him from this day until the day he was born, anything he's ever done. He asked God to accept him into his kingdom," she said.

Thomas added this is a very tough time for the Thompson family. She said Jacquees lost his father to gun violence 11 weeks ago in Michigan. She admonished the public to stop the violence.

"Put the guns down. Pick up the bible. Release the hate because you're not only destroying you and the other individual, you're destroying families behind this hatred that's going on," Thomas added.

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