A small hand gesture by Tremaine Johnson sent the family of Shameka Stabler in a big rage. According to prosecutors, Johnson shot "the bird" to her family.

This happening after a Prichard detective's testimony included an unidentified witness' account of what happened between Tremaine and Shameka on October 23.

"This family has had horrible tragedy over these last few weeks," Assistant District Attorney Keith Blackwood. "We at the DA's office and Prichard police department will do everything we can to seek justice for them."

A Prichard detective says the unidentified witness told him she was on the phone with Stabler at the time of the shooting. The witness said Tremaine was following her and trying to flag down as she was driving around the plateau area. The witness also said Tremaine went as far as telling Stabler, "sorry, I have to do this..."

The detective said after that, Tremaine continued to follow Stabler after she drove off...then started shooting at her car. He says Tremaine's statement given after he was named a suspect in the case helped them fill in a lot of holes, including why he shot her.

According to the detective's testimony, Tremaine said he shot Stabler because she voo-doo'ed his family, including his brother Tyvontae Johnson. Tremaine said Stabler is the reason his brother shot and his killed his girlfriend in early October, before killing himself.

Tremaine's attorney Michael McDuffie says he believes his client's statement was involuntary.

They interviewed my client at the police station, who has mental issues. He's not that bright and easily lead," McDuffie said.

Prosecutors disagree, especially after the gesture he made toward the victim's family before leaving the courtroom.

Prosecutors say Tremaine Johnson "shot the bird" at his victim's family as he walked out of court

"We think that shows a lack of remorse. It is taunting and to me that shows absolutely nothing about his mental state but that will of course addressed down the road just like it is in any other case."

McDuffie says he plans to re-address his client's bond at his next hearing, but for now, Tremaine Johnson remains in Metro jail tonight on a $165,000 bond.

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