Judge Joe Basenberg shut down a bond hearing for Reginald Blevins Wednesday after Blevins, who was watching through satellite technology, yawned loudly too many times.

Judge Basenberg called Blevins' actions "insolent behavior" and suggested he "continue his nap." He had warned defendants initially that he wanted them to be quiet unless they were spoken to.

Basenberg told Blevins his bond hearing would be the next day (Thursday).

Reginald Blevins

Reginald Blevins

Blevins' parents, Harold and Mary Keys, watched along from the audience.

"I tried to get him help and he refused to get help," said Harold Keys.

"He's been on drugs since he came home," Mary Keys added.

Blevins had only been out of prison for about two months when he allegedly shot a convenience store clerk and robbed the store. He was in court for a bond hearing on the charges from that crime. Those charges are Assault 2nd and Robbery 1st.

Blevins was previously in prison serving three years of a 20-year murder sentence. He was out on probation, according to the Mobile County District Attorney's Office.

He was imprisoned for randomly shooting and killing Joey O'Brien in October of 2013.

Tuesday, FOX 10 News reported that court documents stated that Blevins threatened to kill his mother and father. The Keys admitted he made the threats but they said he didn't mean it.

"That was a lie. No weapon. He didn't threaten me with nothing," Harold Keys said.

"He said that out of anger because he was on rock, on rock in prison. He was spaced out when he came out of there," Mary Keys added.

The Keys said their son's drug addiction is the caused for his behavior.

While he's facing the possibility of a life sentence without parole, they say he needs rehab, not prison.

"I hope that he gets help. he need help from drugs. He needs to get in some type of rehab for to help him. He needs help, real bad," Mary Keys explained.


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In all honesty, I am a Behavioral Scientist and this gentleman is why we have the 13/90. He has no hope at rehab, and he wants to kill mom and dad to boot. So my professional opinion stands, Kill the BxxxH!!!

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