How do you fight an invisible enemy?

"Prayer is the answer because that's all we really have," said Fred Rettig, founder of Canopy of Prayer.

That enemy happens to be the coronavirus also known as COVID-19. That deadly disease spreading rapidly throughout the world, sending shockwaves of fear, anxiety, and panic.

"It's like a dream that you can't seem to wake up from."

Retail's group, Canopy of Prayer, based in Mobile is encouraging people to band together and pray. They believe prayer is key to survive both mentally and physically during this pandemic.

"When people pray it’s almost like we build a dome over the church, over the city, over the state," Rettig explained. "That’s what we’re doing is standing against the evil that’s trying to rob us of our stuff, rob us of our health.”

Since people can't band together and pray in large groups, Rettig is hoping residents can simply show each other they're praying by putting up a red ribbon.

Rettig encourages people to put a red ribbon or bow on the doors of your home, car, mailbox, trees, or even your pets. He said it simply means "I'm praying."

"With the red ribbons, they would represent that I’m praying. It was a silent way for people to say I’m standing with you,” he said.

The red ribbon has a biblical significance. During times like these, in the bible, Rettig says, red was a symbol of protection.

“But I believe the best representation would be the red, the blood of Jesus, or the red over the door post, keeping the death angel away,” Rettig said.

Canopy of Prayer also posted several billboard signs across the area with prayers on them that residents can pray corporately.

“Some people really don’t know what to pray, we thought if we could put some prayers up there, that they could pray corporately, we thought this would be the best thing for people that might not go to church all the time,” he said.

As we continue to live through these uncertain times, Rettig said the world must their attention above.

"2 Chronicles 7:14, if my people which are called by name will humble themselves and pray, so we’re saying America humble yourself and pray," he added.

Rettig is asking for special prayers for businesses who are suffering during this time. He suggested business owners place a red ribbon outside of their businesses.

If you can't find one, Rettig suggests checking your Christmas decorations.

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