MOBILE, Ala (WALA) -- The Mobile Airport Authority is set to release their master plan on Tuesday, which will include details about moving passenger service from Mobile Regional Airport to Brookley Field.

The airport authority said the Downtown Terminal was a test that has worked and they are very eager to get all the airlines flying from Brookley Field.

“One of the things that we know is that people tend to use the airport that is closest to them and so moving the airport to the downtown airport location brings us closer to 138,000 people,” said Chris Curry, President of Mobile Airport Authority.

The highlight of the master plan for some will be the relocation of commercial flights to Brookley Field with a brand-new terminal.

“It is likely that regardless of whatever option that we pursue that we could build the terminal in as little as two years to most likely five years at the longest,” Curry said.

People who live near Brookley have been fearful that they may be forced out, Curry says that is not in their plans.


“We were very sensitive to impacting the residents negatively so the airport terminal will be built on existing property that the airport owns,” he said.

The airport authority conducted a study and found that 55% of people who should use Mobile airports don’t. Baldwin County residents use it even less.

They hope by moving operations it will get new carriers to increase competition, reduce fare and get lost customers back.

“Passengers from the Eastern Shore only use Mobile Regional Airport 10% of the time however when Frontier was operating from the downtown airport, 60% of the residents utilized the airport,” Curry said.

At 6 p.m. on Tuesday they will be reveal the exact location of the planned new terminal and parking garage. They also will announce where the control tower will be moved to along with other details.

To watch the meeting, click here.

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I have family and friends in the Mobile area. I do NOT fly into Mobile anymore because of the inconvenience of the current airport location and Airport Blvd. Traffic lights turn red at intersections on Airport Blvd when there's no cross traffic. It's frustrating at 6am. I've witnessed others just run the lights rather than sit there for no reason. Not sure how this will affect the surrounding communities, but I hope it's good for them. As an aside: I can also rent vehicles in Pensacola and Gulfport/Biloxi that do not wreak of cigarette smoke.

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