MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) – A man who robbed a convenience store and a Waffle House will do five years in federal prison, a judge decided Thursday.

In addition to the prison term, U.S. District Judge Terry Moorer ordered Kayzell Jackson spend three years under the supervision of the U.S. Probation Officer after his sentence. He also recommended that the Bureau of Prison assign him to a facility where he can get substance abuse treatment.

Jackson, 47, pleaded guilty in September to interfering with interstate commerce. He admitted that he held up an employee of a Circle K store on Dauphin Street in Mobile shortly after noon on June 16, 2019, and stole $68 and two packs of Newport cigarettes.

Dressed in a red shirt and khaki pants, and wearing a blue bandanna over his face, the defendant held a gun in a gloved hand and ordered the clerk to give him all the money in the cash register. He threatened to shoot the employee if he did not hurry up, according to the written plea agreement.

The following day, Jackson took $288 from the Waffle House on Airport Boulevard, according to the plea document. He admitted that he walked into the restaurant holding what appeared to be a gun and ordered the cashier to put cash in a Waffle House bag.

Mobile police arrested Jackson near the restaurant and found an empty Waffle House bag, clothes similar to the ones worn by the robber, a bandanna and an air pistol. At the time, he insisted he was innocent, telling reporters that he was jogging at the time and that he did not own or have a gun.

“I can't say I’m sorry because I haven’t done nothing,” he said as police led him to jail.

Police, however, found proceeds from the robbery under the back seat of the patrol cruiser he was riding in – just as he had told a friend during a phone call from Mobile County Metro Jail.

Jackson said during a different phone call that police never would be able to find his vehicle. In fact, according to the plea agreement, officers found the car in the parking lot of an apartment complex near the Waffle House. A subsequent search of the car turned up the clothes Jackson was wearing during the Circle K robbery, as well as Newport cigarettes.

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