MOBILE, ALA. (WALA)- A Mobile woman is fed up and fired up after watching a porch pirate snatch her fall decorations right off her front porch.

It was a 5am Wake up call when Kattye Moore's doorbell alert went off Monday morning.

Moore said, "I jumped up. I looked at the camera. I see this man at my door and I'm like wait a by the time I ran to the door and opened the front door, he had already got the trees, and ran back out to the car"

Moore's security camera caught just what was going on outside her front door. In the video you see the a man sneak up to her porch, grab a handmade sign, run it back to a car on Wigfield Rd near Rabbit Creek.

Then, he came back for more. Two of Moore's decorative trees with pumpkins on them were snatched and all the while, the man never lost the cigarette in his mouth.

"My first thought was to go behind him in my car. I ran in there to grab my car keys and then I was like no, no, no, let me calm down Kattye," Moore said to herself. "Leave it alone. But I'm furious. I'm really mad because people work hard for their stuff."

Like most people during the pandemic, Moore has been doing her best to get by. She is finally back at work after nine months off the job. She said decorations are also hard to come by and prices are higher than usual.

Now, she's considering not even decorating for Christmas.

"I'm like, if I put that stuff out, it's more expensive than the stuff he took. Are they gonna take that too? So, I don't know, girl. I just pray for the world," said Moore.

Moore said she's filed a report with law enforcement and hopes they can handle it, but she had a message for anyone planning to hit her house again.

"I got something for them next time. So, note to self, when the doorbell goes off at a certain time, just grab your gun and go to the door, and I'm gonna fire him up. I'm serious because the world is so horrible. They need lessons. They need lessons," Moore said. "It's no more pat them on hands, send them to jail, they get out next week. No, I'm sending you up there or down there, whichever one it is. I'm sick of it."

If you think you recognize the guy in that video, turn him in.

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