MOBILE, Ala (WALA) -- A cross-country move took a terrible turn for a family.

Investigators said 30-year-old Sherman Smith took advantage by stealing virtually everything the family owned, even several guns.

This all happened more than a year ago, and still the family has nothing but some solace because Smith, the man accused of ripping them off, is locked up in jail. 

“I lost everything, everything,” said Germaine Mayo. “Our whole life was in there.”

It was supposed to be a simple cross-country move, from a storage unit in Waverly Hall, Georgia, to Las Vegas. 

“My wife watched everything be loaded,” Mayo said. “She was there because we had weapons involved. I wouldn't let anyone open up our case because we had weapons.”

The move quickly became a nightmare. Mayo said Smith never showed up. Mayo said among the items taken, besides home goods like a bed, was an AR-15 with a silencer. 

“I got a silencer out there,” he said. “I got an AR-15 with a silencer on it. Wwhat if somebody gets killed? I got to live with that.”

Court records show Smith did this at least twice -- in total stealing more than $50,000 worth of items.

Mayo says ATF investigated the case and told him all of his items were auctioned or pawned.

It was “$30,000 on the hard side, but on the personal side, everything we lost was a lot more than that,” Mayo said.

The family thought they did everything right. They went through a broker called Moving Forward America that linked them with Smith. FOX10 News called the numbers listed for the company, but no one answered the calls. The website is also no longer active.

According to the Better Business Bureau, the company's broker license has been revoked.

The Mayo family just wants their stuff back. 

“If it wasn't because of us and my weapons that were in that case,” he said. “It was six other people that started to have their things recovered.”

Mayo said he is currently fighting with his insurance company to be reimbursed for what was taken. 

Smith was given $10,000 bond for his four charges, including bringing stolen property into the state.

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