Chilling testimony Wednesday morning in a hearing for a man accused in a decade old murder.

Eldee Henage is charged with killing Nancie Cowan in 2008.

Prosecutors say Henage not only killed Cowan, but had sex with her corpse.

Henage walked quietly into the courtroom.

Also in the courtroom, the mother and family members of his alleged victim Nancie Cowan.

Henage looked down to the floor as Mobile County Sheriff's Office Sergeant Mark Bailey testified Henage reached out to a jail official and wanted to talk about a murder he committed.

Assistant District Attorney Keith Blackwood said, "Henage was trying to get some money and didn't get what he wanted, and he strangled the victim to death in his vehicle.  After she was dead, he then took her back to his residence and had sexual intercourse with her dead body before he buried her."

Family members say Cowan was five months pregnant at the time she was killed,

Bailey testified that Henage said he heard voices telling him to confess, something we heard before from Henage himself.

When he was arrested and was on the way from the Sheriff's Office to Metro Jail, Henage said, "I heard voices."

Defense Attorney Jason Darley said Henage's mental condition plays a role in the case.

Darley said, "The problem is confessions have to be knowingly, willingly, and voluntarily made, and he's got a history...I have information that says his mental history issues began as early as 3 years old."

Blackwood said, "I think the voices he's talking about is probably his conscience, feeling guilty about what he did, and that's what caused him to come forward."

Judge George Zoghby ruled there was enough evidence to send the case to a grand jury.

Prosecutors say forensic work is still in progress to determine whether the remains found in connection with the case are definitely Nancie Cowans.

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