MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) -- Cleaning up after Sally has been no easy task. The City of Mobile has already cleared away more than 80 thousand cubic yards of tree debris, that's enough to fill eight thousand dump trucks.

Of course, all that stuff has to go somewhere, in this case it's the Greystone facility off Azalea Road. For some it's been a real inconvenience.

"This here, the trash debris, started Friday and it’s been ongoing all day long trucks in and out ever since,"
Jimmy Cummings lives next to the Greyston Facility. In the aftermath of Sally, the old school has become the temporary location of a tree debris dump site. Thousands of cubic yards of logs, limbs, and leaves are have been carted in since last Friday. Cummings told us he wasn't expecting this.
"I understand there’s been a storm and it has to be cleaned up, but why in a residential neighborhood, because it’s also being cleaned up at the fairgrounds too," Cummings said.
City councilman John Williams, said he understands why some neighbors are upset, but he asks for patience.
"I know it’s been inconvenient for some, I’m sorry about that, but there’s no other way to do it," Williams told us.
Williams said the Greystone facility was selected because of it's central location and because it's free of cost since it's city owned. In less than a week, 30 percent of the debris has already been picked up, so Williams is hopeful the removal can be wrapped up quickly. To finish the process, a wood chipper will be brought in to break down the debris.
"Again another opportunity for a little bit of noise, but we’re going to take it as far away from the houses as as we can and we’re going to chip every bit of this raw debris up so that it can be transported out of here in a quick manner," Williams explained.
The quicker the better for everyone involved.

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