Here's a real feel good story....

It goes back to October when a woman collapsed at Springhill Toyota. Three other women sprung into action and performed CPR until first responders arrived.

The woman survived, and Tuesday she had a chance to meet her saviors in-person to thank them.

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Heart Attack

On October 13th Lisa Perry's life almost ended. She collapsed in cardiac arrest while getting her car serviced at Springhill Toyota.

"My heart went out of rhythm. I had a heart attack," Perry said.

Fortunately for the grandmother of 10, three good Samaritans were on hand; Cindy Hubbart, Shannon Lambert, and Makayla Reed... And get this they're all nurses... Immediately they started working as a team performing CPR.

"We knew exactly what to do. When it was time to switch, when one of us got tired with the chest compressions we switched. So it was really good team work," Reed told us.

They also got the dealerships defibrillator, hooked it up, and jolted her heart three times. Shannon, who is a 35 year nursing veteran, says you don't need her experience to use the life-saving machine.

"An AED is so easy to use. You turn the button on and it tells you exactly what to do. The pads have where to put I and it tells you shock advised or not advised. So you can follow along and it will tell you to continue heat compressions. If you listen to it it walks you right through it," Lambert said.

Meeting Again

Tuesday Perry and the nurses met again at the dealership to share the joy of life. A fellowship brought together in tragedy, but now meeting in triumph.

"I’ve always wanted to help people. I’ve wanted to be a nurse since I was a child and just being able to see that come to fruition and being able to save a life it’s amazing," Hubbart said.

“I didn’t known if she had made it. So to see that she’s alive and doing well it’s really heartwarming," Reed said.

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Fire-Rescue Also Recognized

The first responders who took over were also recognized. Captain Todd Norsworthy, wants to see more people trained in CPR so similar situations will have the same happy ending.

"Because of the early CPR, early defibrillation it gave us something to work with and it gave us a good outcome," Captain Norsworthy said.

Call it luck, call it a blessing, but three heroes worked together that day to save a life and gave a grandmother more time with her family.

"Between them all and god is why I’m still here. I don’t know. There’s not enough to say to people for what they did for me," Perry said.

Get CPR Training

Mobile fire rescue said this story is a good reminder to get CPR training. You can sign up for classes at

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