Fifty years is certainly a milestone for any marriage, but how about a brother and two sisters reaching that pinnacle in the same year? That’s just the case with three of the Martin siblings from Mobile.

By 1971, Buddy, Libby and Donna Martin had all met the loves of their life and said, “I do.” Thanks to a sneaky brother-in-law and their oldest and youngest sister, Fox 10 News was invited to crash their lunch party get-together. Not everyone was thrilled when we showed up with a TV camera.

“Oh. Yeah. Really surprised,” said Leland “Buddy” Martin. “I didn’t think Jerry would do something like this.”

Sibling Wedding Anniversary

Libby "Martin" Wells and husband, Zeno (left), Leland "Buddy" Martin and wife, Debbie (center), and Donna "Martin" McIntyre with husband, Michael were all married in 1971 and shared their secret to a successful marriage

“I was shocked,” added Buddy’s sister, Libby. “I was trying not to be upset because I love my brother-in-law and my sister who helped kind of get this together.”

The younger sister, Shirly and her husband, Jerry Williams were the masterminds behind the embarrassing but fun anniversary date. With the oldest sister, Eva’s blessing all celebrated over a great seafood lunch at Kraver’s Restaurant in west Mobile. By the end of lunch, all was forgiven, and we had a chance to learn their secrets to a lasting and loving marriage because it obviously runs in this family.

“I think it’s that we both have a foundation in the Lord Jesus Christ and our marriage has been a wonderful rollercoaster…ups and downs but the Lord has kept us solid throughout everything,” said Donna “Martin” McIntyre.

“The first thing is that we’ve made Jesus Christ the center of our lives and then the center of our marriage, so it’s our faith in Him that has kept us strong, but communication has helped too,” Libby added.

Brother, Buddy had no argument with his sisters but did have one little secret of his own to add.

“Whatever she says goes,” he offered to a roar of laughter from the rest of the family.

1971 was a good year. Buddy and his wife Debbie married first, In January. Sister, Libby married her husband, Zeno in June. Donna and husband, Michael will hit their 50 mark in August.

Jerry Williams and his wife, Shirly “Martin” had better watch out after pulling this prank. They’ll hit their 50th anniversary in just four years and you know how paybacks can go.

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