Tuesday morning’s squall line had rain blowing sideways in Mobile. The gusty winds of this storm were enough do some damage to the Birdville Community off Michigan avenue. Large limbs, trash cans, and even a trampoline were blown around.

Scare at the Head Start Center

At the head start center across the street, the fence blew in scattering debris on the playground.

Head start teacher, Jessica Knight, told us, “While we were transitioning with the kids, we were on the carpet with the kids and then we looked outside and we saw a lot of wind and rain and we also saw the gate when it fell down.”

The teachers hurried to get the children to safety.

“We immediately put the kids, some of them went in the bathroom and some of them went in the closet,” Knight said.

A bit of a scare, but thankfully no one was hurt.


Tuesday morning's wind damage was likely caused by a microburst. That's when heavy rain drags down stronger winds from the upper levels. These quick bursts usually have wind speeds around 70 miles per hour, but can be stronger.

Regardless, they can be enough to damage even massive oaks like one not far from the Head start off Michigan Avenue. The tree basically split in half, as a large limb sheared off. Looking at the limb, which is as big as most trees, there’s no big mystery why a fairly average storm could come along and knock it down. It was thoroughly rotten and spongy, and there was a large cavity inside it that was completely rotted out. In fact, there was only a little live wood around the edges holding it up. It’s a good example of why you should take the time in your own yard to check on your trees to make sure you don’t have one like it that’s ready to come down.

Fortunately today no one was hurt, but it's always a good reminder to pay attention when the weather turns nasty.

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