A early morning shooting in Prichard left a 19-year-old man dead Thursday.

Prichard homicide victim shot multiple times

Prichard Police identified the victim as Kaylin Reed.

Police were responding to the 1100 block of Baldwin Drive. 

Upon arrival they found Reed inside a vehicle and shot several times. 

Family members say they got the call around 1:00 that morning after it happened.

One of Reed's cousins Gabriel Lang says he was left speechless when he heard the news. 

Kaylin Reed (pictured left) and his cousin Gabriel Lang.

"I heard my mom screaming and she said Kaylin was shot and killed," Lang said. "And I was just hurt. I ain't have nothing to say. And I just been crying all day and stuff. He gone but he still with me in my heart. Can't let his name die, he still family."

People in the neighborhood say gunfire is something they hear far too often.

One resident on Baldwin Drive, Lisa McGern, says she was woken up by all the noise.

"It’s terrible they need to do something about it," McGern said. 

Another resident who also lives in Alabama Village feels the same way.

She didn't want to be identified but says she witnesses a lot of strange activity.

"It's pretty common down there up until I moved to the village, like there's more stuff in this village that isn't normal," the woman said. 

Prichard Police haven't said what the motive for the shooting was, or what could have led up to it.

No arrests have been made. 


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