FOX10 News is asking questions about money and traffic buildup traveling between Mobile and Baldwin counties.

Officials with the Mobile River Bridge and Bayway Project say there will be tolls on the Wallace Tunnel when the new bridge opens.

But they say there will be two free access routes: the Bankhead Tunnel/Causeway and the Cochrane-Africatown Bridge.

Mobile River Bridge

So we wanted to know if there's a contingency plan to deal with expected congestion on the free routes.

Ask people about paying a toll to get back and forth on the new Mobile River Bridge and Bayway, and you'll hear different thoughts on whether its worth it.

Among the comments we heard Thursday:

---"I would probably not take the toll."

---"I definitely pay the toll in going over on the Beach Express so it depends on convenience, I guess."

---"Probably not take the toll road. We live over here on the Eastern Shore."

---"I'm probably going to take the free bridges because I already pay the toll to go to Orange Beach."

But if plenty of motorists use the Bankhead Tunnel/Causeway route, or Cochrane-Africatown Bridge, is there a plan to deal with congestion problems there?

Officials with the Mobile River Bridge and Bayway Project weren't available for an on camera interview Thursday, but said state transportation officials are very aware of traffic impacts and plan for access management on all routes.

They say mitigation efforts are part of the project and that they have worked well and worked closely with city leaders as they develop these plans.

Some people we talked to Thursday at The Fort Container Park in Spanish Fort have thought about heavy traffic on the free routes.

When asked if she thought traffic would get bad on the routes, one person said, "You know, it's already. Everybody's heading into town that way."

Another person said, "Yeah, it's a concern, but we'll see how it goes."

But project officials want to remind motorists tolls will not be collected until the new bridge opens.

Among other comments we received Thursday:

---"I don't see anything wrong with paying a toll, but, if there's two ways down, choose which one you want to go to."

---I go to Mobile probably once every two months, so it's not a big deal to me."

The tolls for the new Bridge and Bayway are expected to range between three and six dollars.

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