A comment made by President Trump concerning a new Interstate 10 bridge in Louisiana is attracting plenty of attention locally.

This in light of efforts to build a bridge on I-10 over the Mobile River, and questions over how to pay for it.

President Trump made the statement Tuesday during a speech in the Lake Charles area in southwest Louisiana

But people here in the Mobile area, more than 300 miles away, are talking about what he said.

The President addressed what is viewed as a pressing need in that part of Louisiana: a new I-10 bridge, but this one over the Calcasieu River.

He talked about the 2020 presidential campaign.

President Trump said, "If we win this election, which is just 16 months away, we're giving you a brand new I-10 bridge."

The Louisiana bridge is more than 60 years old and has been rated structurally deficient by the U.S. Department of Transportation.

Still, Alabama State Auditor Jim Zeigler says he's drawing up a request to President Trump's administration to fund our new I-10 bridge, eliminating the toll charges.

FOX10 News also asked officials with Mobile River Bridge and Bayway Project about the statement.

Allison Gregg said, "We saw President Trump's comments this morning and when he said he was going to build an I-10 bridge, of course, that excited us. The fact that it's a few states over gives us hope that we can start developing some relationships."

We also talked to several people in our area about the statement.

When asked if it would be nice if the President could do that for this area, Ashley Jordan from Fairhope said, "Well, yeah. The traffic has always been bad on I-10 so I can see a lot of people may not want to do the tolls."

Kathryne Monk from Loxley said, "If it gets too bad on the Bayway, always have to go to the Africatown Bridge or the Causeway, so having some extra like that would be good."

Would the president be willing to help pay for our bridge?

FOX10 News contacted the White House Press Office to ask, but we were referred to federal transportation officials.

Alabama Department of Transportation, or ALDOT officials, have applied for a $150 million federal grant to help build the bridge.

We haven't heard back from them yet, but local bridge officials had said they're hoping to hear an answer on the grant this summer.

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