Mobilians peacefully debate confederate monument downtown after protest threat


An online hacker group has made threats to forcibly take down confederate monuments in eleven cities. The first city on that list was Mobile. The target -- the Admiral Raphael Semmes statue that sits on the corner of Government St. and Royal St. in downtown Mobile.

Although the protest was supposed to happen around 5 p.m., it appears the group never showed up.

Many people were feeling relief, since they were hoping this wouldn’t turn into another incident like the violent one in Charlottesville. Mobile Police even set up a security perimeter just in case.

Although that hacker group didn’t show up, many Mobilians came to voice their opinions peacefully.

Despite the differing views on the controversial confederate monument debate, people on both sides agreed on two things: They are thankful there was no violence in the Port City They want everyone to continue this conversation with respect for one another and to try and understand where the other side is coming from, rather than spreading hateAll content © 2017, WALA; Mobile, AL. (A Meredith Corporation Station). All Rights Reserved.


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