Modern Living: A proper mow


The Saturday morning symphony of rumbling mowers is the background noise of our warm months. But keeping your turf in terrific shape is not always as easy as a good mow.

The summer routine...

Cranking up your mower is a chore that we often give little thought too. It's a routine we just have to do before our yards grow out of control. Unfortunately, Steve Mainous with U.S. Lawns, told us this simple duty is often done wrong, and our grass pays for it.

He said, "People think if I cut it lower I don't have to cut as often and that's the truth, eventually you won't have to cut at all because you're going to put the grass in stress. We have to realize it every blade of grass this is how it gets its nutrients. Photosynthesis through the blade shoots down energy into the roots which makes your grass expand. The less blade you have the less photosynthesis so the less healthy the plant is going to get like anything else."

A dull razor...

Mainous explained not only do people often cut to the wrong height, but they also do so with a dull blade.

"You'll find fringes on the edge of the grass and it's just like a cut on your arm," Mainous said. "If you cut yourself it goes into shock but if it's a nice clean cut, like a razor blade, it heals a lot quicker. So the sooner the grass can heal from the mowing the sooner it can get back to a full healthy state."

These mistakes can quickly lead major issues and dead spots in your lawn. That's why Mainous told us a sharp blade and the right cutting height is key for terrific turf.

"If your turf is healthy, then it's strong and it fills in quickly and it chokes out all the unwanted weeds."

More grass and less weeds, that's a start to getting a professional looking lawn.

Know your turf

Mainous also says knowing what type of grass you have is key to it's care. Different types of grass needs different mowing heights and different fertilizers. We'll explore more on that in a future FOX10 Modern Living.

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