We depend on them for food and they depend on us. Honeybees are nature’s master pollinators and what you plant in your yard can help them thrive.

Jane Spicciani, with the Mobile County Beekeepers Association, loves bees, she loves plants, and she knows which plants bees love.

“Well something I really enjoy is salvias. There's many types of salvias. There's red ones, there's all different shades of blue and honeybees love those colors. But don't plant them too close to where you're going to sit down otherwise you might have too many bees. More than you want," Spicciani said.


Bees can also help your kitchen garden.

“So the herbs, the different herbs. There's oregano, basil, all those bees will enjoy cause those flowers are open so their proboscis, their tongues, can get deep inside,” Spicciani told us.

So an herb garden isn't just good for your kitchen it's good for the bees and their vital for your veggies too.

“The squash, the cucumbers, the watermelon, they need out honeybees. There's no other pollinator for them,” Spicciani said.

Trees can attract too

Don't just limit you're thinking to pretty little flowers. You can also plant trees like cherry laurel. Their copious blooms can attract swarms of honeybees. Smaller trees, like the bottlebrush also do well.

"This is a bottlebrush tree,” Spicciani said as she showed us the shrubby tree. “Can you see how many blossoms there will be on this one tree. They're going to be a gorgeous red or orange color and you get so many blooms on one tree. So if you plant a tree for bees you're really looking out for those bees.”

Bringing your garden full circle

"I love the idea of the cycle of life,” Spicciani told us. “I love the idea of just how everything fits into place and that god made bees with all different tongues so they can fit into different flowers."

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