Some local entrepreneurs are bringing a new idea to Mobile. Shipshape Urban Farms is working on a downtown location to grow veggies hydroponically.

A farm for anywhere "What happens is we put nutrient rich water In through these lines right here and it goes down across the roots of the plants."

Dale Speetjens with Shipshape Urban Farms is building not just a business, but a new idea. Selling fresh-grown veggies through a subscription and delivering all year long by growing them hydroponically.

"This allows us to accelerate the growth rate of all the plants that we have in the system and allows us to climate control the environment," Speetjens explained.

Six weeks from seedling to table with no pesticides or herbicides needed.

Taking the veggie to town

The facility in Irvington is experimental, but it's given them the tools to move the operation downtown off St. Michael street. They will literally grow the produce next to the restaurants that will use them.

"The concept design work is already completed on the downtown site that will be the equivalent of a thirty acre farm. No longer will chefs have to rely on something coming from California it comes from fifteen feet away from their restaurant," Speetjens said.

Bringing the farm to the city with no plows needed.


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