It’s a holiday favorite and you’ve probably got a few around your home. We’re talking about poinsettias, a plant that adds a splash of Christmas color.

Ernie Wilkerson at Laura Kay’s Nursery sells a lot of poinsettias during the holiday season. Although the plants come in many colors, it’s the traditional red that always sell the best.

“These are actually leaves that color up. See how these are turning red. These small ones, if they are in good light and the plant is taking care of, they’ll continue to get larger, because this is your actual bloom in the center. That’s your flower there. This is the coloring that occurs at flowering time. You can see the leaves coming out they’ll keep growing in the blooms will get a lot bigger," Wilkerson said.

Two keys to healthy poinsettias

Wilkerson says there are just two keys to healthy poinsettias.

“If you want to keep the color they want as much light as you can give them, up to full sun even,” is one key Wilkerson said.

“A little water twice a week. Not standing in water, just good water,” Wilkerson told us.

Long-term care?

Many folks wonder if a poinsettia can be kept around past the holidays. The poinsettias you’ll find for sale are grown in greenhouses. You can try to keep them alive for another year, but it’s difficult to get the timing right so that they’ll bloom correctly for your next holiday season.

Pet issues

If you’re worried about your pets, don’t be. The poinsettia gets a bad rap and is only mildly toxic. Pets and poinsettias can get along, just keep them out of reach so they don't upset their tummies! 

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