Summers on the Gulf Coast start early and they stay late. The hot season is on the way and now is the time to make sure you're air conditioner is up to the task.

Technician Jake Dehart with Hansen Heating and Air said it’s time to make sure that your AC is ready for its summer workout. He starts an inspection at the outside unit and he pays close attention to the most important part... the coil that surrounds the fan.

Clean your coil!

"This is the coil right here,” Dehart said pointing to the outside of the unit. “What an air conditioner does is, blow hot air out of the top. It’s pumping freeon into the home and it pulls the heat out of the home through this coil and out the top. If this coil is not clean it cannot pull 100 percent of the heat out of the home and it will just recirculate that heat. "

Grass, leaves, dirt, and debris can clog up your coil.

"I have seen people with so much stuff in here what happens the pressure just builds up so high that this coil right here will just explode."

When the outside unit looks good he moves inside.

Inside unit maintenance

"You’ve got your refrigerant coil down at the bottom,” Dehart explains. “Your blower is at the top with heat strips in there. When we do a maintenance we always want to visually inspect the coil, make sure they’re clean, ready for summer use. "

Dehart said another critical thing to check is your drain lines. They need to be lean and clear. Some are hooked up to a pump, so not only do you need to make sure the line is clear, you also need to make sure the pump is working. If not, that water is going to back up in your home and that can cause lots of money in water damage.

Every thirty days

"A good rule of thumb is every thirty days when you get your power bill, check your filter, bleach your drain, and give your unit a visual inspection," Dehart said.

You may wonder what kind of filter the pros recommend. That’s next week on FOX10 Modern Living.

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